Justin Jay and Friends – Climbing Trees

Los Angeles native is back this week with another incredible single off of his forthcoming album. The ’s debut album has been slowly released in segments through various labels, making its rounds through Butter, Freerange, and Soul Clap Records. Now, the final stretch of album comes in the form of Part 4, which has made its home on Lee Foss’ Repopulate Mars label.

The album first came into fruition through Justin’s attempt to begin stepping outside his classic tech-house style. Calling upon the help of some of his college buddies, the producer created the supergroup Justin Jay & , and together the collective has been able to release an exceptional collection of new tunes. Their recent single, “Climbing Trees”, off of Fantastic – Part 4 embraces the same smooth, contemplative vibe that can be found in their prior , but stands out with a more transcendental, brooding quality. Josh ’s musing vocals carry the , while percussion-driven beats and Benny ’ deep guitar accents bring the piece into its entirety.

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